What About Perinatal Mental Health?

PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH (mental and emotional health during and after pregnancy)

3% of those in pregnancy have high blood pressure.

10% of those in pregnancy have gestational diabetes.

25% of those in pregnancy have a mental health problem (depression, anxiety, other).

But there is a lack of screening for mental health problems.

What are we doing about it?

Womb Now Doula Services has taken Mental Health Recovery Including Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator Training, which Alberta Health Services employs in treatment of Mental Health Problems among other agencies, provides an extensive package that begins with monthly in-person or via-videochat visits followed by weekly in the third trimester, full labour and birth support where included, daily then weekly visits, and the option to stay in a facebook group with me to stay in touch beyond that as well. Messages are answered daily and texts/phonecalls from hired clients answered immediately. Womb Now Doula Services offers free support to those going through abortion, whether medical or elective, and to those who experience miscarriage or stillbirth. This does not mean services end. Womb Now Doula Services has been certified in Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss and is a member of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. There is a lengthier support process after birth in these scenarios. Womb Now Doula Services offers various types of packages - honouring that not all people are comfortable with having another person in the birthing room but do have a supportive partner willing to work with both of us. As well as alternative packages like Doula Photography (there if you need me but mostly hands-off taking photographs/video) and Sibling Doula (either with the older sibling(s) at home and then bringing to the hospital to greet the baby or with the older sibling(s) at home/birth centre explaining in children's terms what is going on with "mommy" (or other chosen title) and keeping him/her/them busy and then greeting the baby when time). Womb Now Doula Services caters specifically to low to no income parents who may not have as much support to begin with, and will soon (as of July 3rd, 2016) be hosting a free SUPPORT GROUP FOR MOMS. The Resources Guide contains resources that either myself or my clients have used and loved. That includes the Inner City Resources section (which is not just Inner City, actually, but extends to various regions of the city). Here, you will find free playgroups, free Parent Talk groups (they provide childcare for the hour), access to free food, clothes, other items, in a kid-friendly atmosphere. etc.. The section on Perinatal Mental Health has now been included, very important!!!!!! The Resources Guide is complimentary to clients but not only is it handed to them, the offer is there to make some phonecalls on their behalf to ensure that they become a name and not just a number, as this is a job I have had to do in the past I don't mind doing it.

I want you to know, above all, that I am standing by your decisions and you are not alone.

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