~ are you eating breakfast?

For every parent-to-be, the answer to this one seems to remain a mystery. For some it works, for some it doesn't. Of course you are encouraged to "break your night-time fast" but this can take longer with some than others.

~ are you eating 3 moderate meals a day?

This one, however, is no mystery. We've all heard it - in pregnancy eat smaller portions. How can you do that when you don't even feel like eating or you are on the run? Plan the night before what you will eat and pack it either loosely in the fridge (if you will be home) or in a lunch bag.

~ are you taking your vitamins?

Yes, I said vitaminS. Although the one-a-day prenatal vitamin may be easier to get and easier to swallow, it is known to have too much iron and not enough folic acid. This may be leaving your body out of balance and actually creating some of your woozy issues. If you have the luxury of creating your own set of prenatal vitamins under the supervision of a doctor or pharmacist, do. I want to say one more thing about the prenatal vitamins, since they are such a common cause of the wooziness women experience in their first trimester. If it is affordable for you, you may be better off taking gel capsules of the correct amounts of vitamins like Folic Acid, Iron, B Vitamins, Omega 3's (probably in an oil form you can just mix into a drink or into your rice or pasta after it is cooked), Zinc, and other important ones I may have forgotten, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A MEDICAL CAREGIVER.

~ are you exercising?

As much as you probably don’t feel like even getting out of bed, the truth of the situation is that as you meditate or gently move your body you get your mind off of it – even temporarily. Prenatal Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, and Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage are excellent for centering, balancing, and grounding. You can YouTube videos on Prenatal Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation aka Vipassana Meditation, Thai Yoga Massage or other healing modalities which are centering, balancing, and grounding.

~ are you getting to bed on time?

As fun as it is to lay and feel baby kick, or enjoy those last few moments of “freedom” before parenthood, settling into a routine allows you to notice when those bouts are approaching and head them off in time.

Are you getting enough to drink?

Every time you drink a caffeinated beverage, you need about three times as much non-caffeinated beverage to rehydrate yourself. Caffeinated beverages include coffee, most pops, most teas (except herbal or rooibois teas), and others. When sugar is added to a beverage, it also dehydrating so then you will also need to add extra non-sugar-added beverages! Sugar-added beverages include most juices, gatorades and most other sports drinks, and so on. So what's the solution? Learn to love water?! Especially alkaline water! How do you make water alkaline? You might have a carbon filter, or buy alkaline water, or you can add baking soda to your water (Arm & Hammer PURE).

Are you carrying the essentials?

Below is a list of products that have worked for others (including myself) to have in their purses to keep the morning sickness at bay while on the go:

  • A Magnesium Supplement taken throughout the day

  • Cal/Mag Liquid Supplement taken at night (especially if acid reflux is an issue!)

  • LOTS of Epsom Salts in your tubs/foot tubs (magnesium)

  • Magnesium Oil (taken through the skin)

  • Ginger - Mint Tea (mostly ginger, a tiny bit of mint)

  • Ginger Infusions

  • Ginger Candies

  • Lemon candies

  • Lemon water

  • Citrus water

  • Vitamin C or Orange juice with your Iron Supplement (helps it digest)

  • Lemon flavoured or plain sparkling water (sugar-free)

  • "tart" flavours like tart cherries, sour candies, "Preggo Pops"

  • Seabands (anti-nausea / motion-sickness wristbands)

  • Essential Oil blend inhaler made for preventing symptoms of morning sickness

  • airplane vomit bags or ziploc baggies for same purpose

Are you still having trouble getting food in? People have suggested soda crackers, probably because they are alkalanizing! People have also suggested dry cheerios and plain chips, but I would suggest going for protein high foods as much as possible. A good one to try might be the electrolyte ice cubes for morning sickness (the recipe is below) if you are truly not keeping anything down.

Looking for more? There are more herbs that can be prescribed by your midwife, medications that can be prescribed by your obstetrician, acupuncture has been known to be helpful as well. No need to give up hope! And, as one well meaning mother put it to another (although I'm sure she didn't want to hear it at that point) - it's all worth it in the end!

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