TRYING TO CONCEIVE? Here are Some Suggestions:


Understand the potential issues:


Chart. Be aware of your cycle so that you can make the best use of your ovulatory time! I recommend the Justisse Healthworks method of charting.


Feel sexy! The best orgasms happen when you are ovulating, and the best chances of conception are after you have had an orgasm! Really relax and get into the moment. Also, relax and let the sperm work its’ way up into your cervix for the first fifteen minutes after intercourse.


Be healthy! Your current uterine lining (which the embryo will implant into and use as its source of nourishment) is the discard of your last three months’ worth of diet. Be aware of what you eat and what supplements you are taking to make sure that your uterine lining is a decent place for conception to occur!


Vitamin D3 – for both of you! 10 drops a day of 1,000 IU is what most of us need in Alberta! The sunshine vitamin boosts sperm count and increases your levels of estrogen and progesterone.


Acupuncture and acupressure have been known to be helpful in helping people relax and that may be why it’s so helpful with conception. Or, perhaps, stimulation of certain points associated with the reproductive system (in both males and females) is what really helps. Either way, it may be worth a try!


Cut down your exercise regime by a little bit if you’re a real go-getter. Over-exercising can make ovulation not occur, but not exercising throws off insulin production which means unhealthy eggs.


Quit smoking and avoid any xeno-estrogens as much as possible! These can throw off your hormones and make it more difficult to get pregnant.

Also avoid alcohol and pesticides, as they impair ovulation, and sperm production for him.


If you can afford to lose 5% of your body weight, do – studies show that this can boost your chances by a fifth… just don’t get so thin that you are starving your reproductive system! (Having an ideal body mass index – 20-25% - is perfect for conception).


Make sure you’re getting a good sleep. Lack of, or disruptions to, your sleep will also disrupt your cycles. You want your cycles to be consistent and clear, and your sleep too (for now)!


DRINK WATER: “Water creates plump egg follicles and a strong blood supply to the womb lining. Plus, if you’re dehydrated, your cervical fluid – the stuff that helps the sperm find the egg – will be sluggish.” (Caroline Jones, “Get to It! 20 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally”)


Clear/open your legs, hips, and lower back area – with yoga, massage, chiropractic, or even reiki – give more space in your lower two chakras for conception to occur!   (especially the Epsom salts, coconut oil, and lavender oil!)


Frankincense and Ylang Ylang – for calming of nerves especially over any past issues or emotional issues and for aphrodisiac effect.



Avoid hot-tubs, tight-fitting clothes, smoking including marijuana use, soy and other xeno-estrogens, and keeping the cell phone at his waist/pocket!


Get more omega 3’s – these improve sperm quality.


How can Womb Now Doula Services help?


Healing Arts by Annastasia:

   -   Thai Yoga Massage can help with opening your legs/hips/lower back, your sleep cycles, and flushing through toxins

   -   Reiki can help with your sleep cycles, flushing through toxins, and clearing your legs/hips/lower back area

   -   Acupressure can help with relaxation and stimulation of points in the reproductive system for both him and her

   -   Aromatherapy can help calm the nerves and create an aphrodisiac effect for you to go home with


Doula Package:

   -   There is now a "Trying-to-Concieve Package" (not yet listed on the website) which includes discussion and assistance with all of the above plus support through any required appointments if desired and continues as similar to the "Baby Planner Package" seen on the page entitled "Other Packages" on my website with Birth Support included. As this package is being newly introduced as of March, it is only $750 (the same price as the "Baby Planner Package" which does NOT include Birth Support) and this low price will be available until March 2017. Of course, sliding scale and bartering are available on this package as with all the others!


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