Using Affirmations in Pregnancy & Birthing

AFFIRMATIONS can be used in pregnancy and birthing to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reduce pain, release any lingering negativity, overcome fears, speed up labour, move into a calm and relaxed state of mind, become more conscious, avoid complications, heal from a celluluar level, and adopt new ways of thinking, among other things! Using AFFIRMATIONS in pregnancy and birthing will even help us into parenthood.

Using AFFIRMATIONS is using present tense words that speak to your soul's true meaning, making use of the law of attraction, doubling these words with the disciplined repetition of the words. Saying these things as though they are already a reality in our lives, even if they're not or are only part-way there, helps us accept the positive and reinforces the credibility of new concepts. Using strong emotion behind the words helps build our self-confidence and communication skills. Not only that, but the AFFIRMATIONS can become "auto suggestions", that is, you don't even have to consciously think about them after a while!

When I am first learning my AFFIRMATIONS, I am reading them off. But I am still careful to take a deep breath, if not between each repetition - before the third repetition. I repeat my AFFIRMATION three times for the first little while as I am learning it. Then, once I can remember it off by heart, I speak it only once along with the others that may be in my list. In the case above, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had them memorized enough to speak them off in harmony with the music that was playing and it was a really lovely feeling. So now you see, that using AFFIRMATIONS in pregnancy and childbirth is really very simple! I hope that sharing this helps you on your journey.

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