22 Idea Questions for Considering When Interviewing Doulas (adapted from DoulaMatch.net and my own e

What is your company’s target market, if you have one, and why?

  1. From your perspective, what is the single most important factor, tool, or key that helps a family/individual have a positive experience in pregnancy, birthing, and parenting?

  2. Are there ANY practices you will not support if I/my family choose(s) to use them?

  3. How many years have you been working as a Doula and how many families have you served?

  4. May I contact your last client(s) as references? What do you think they will say about your work with them?

  5. What is your fee structure – including when payment is due, and your refund policy?

  6. Did you complete training? With whom and how was it? What about certification – who have you certified with and why did you choose that organization?

  7. If you are not certified, why not? OR Do you plan on becoming certified? And with whom? And why that organization?

  8. What other background or credentials do you have that you implement as a Doula today?

  9. What (if any) continuing education are you pursuing as a Doula?

Note: Up to this point, you are looking for someone who supports you in ALL your decisions, jives with your viewpoints, has some experience or background that is going to help you out, is authentic and forthcoming, and cares about continuing to learn and update their knowledge so that it’s recent.

  1. Do you practice alone or with others in your business? Do you have back-up?

  2. How many clients do you take in a month, and how regularly do you use your back-up? (You may want to ask if you can meet the back-up!)

  3. Are you available in my due month which is _____________? Are there any times you are unavailable should something happen between now and then?

  4. How long can you estimate it will take you to get to me, once I/we call on you?

  5. Do you have any problems with going to my preferred location for birthing which is ______________, and my back-up birthing location which is __________________?

  6. What is the best way to get a hold of you in the middle of the night? What do I/we do on the off-chance that you don’t answer your phone?

Note: Up to this point, you are trying to get a sense of the Doula’s availability for you. The Doula is all about continuous support. If your Doula cannot be there for you when you need it, there is no sense in hiring this one.

  1. How many prenatal visits do you offer?

  2. Are you also available by phone between visits? How many phone calls are you willing to take?

  3. At what point do you come to support me for birthing?

  4. How long after birthing will you stay?

  5. How many postpartum visits do you offer?

  6. What sorts of things do you offer in the postpartum period?

Note: Up to this point, you are getting a sense of how extensive the package is for what you are paying. Again, continuous support is the key phrase. A Birth Doula is not available for long after the birth into the postpartum period, but should be offering a RESOURCES package for you on top of assistance with feeding, as well as talking you through the first diaper change and getting the family all settled to sleep if you are a first-time parent. A Postpartum Doula should be listed in the RESOURCES package.

I hope these questions help you on your journey to finding the right match for you!

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