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Welcome to Womb Now - Doula Services!

Your birth story has already begun. Today it takes on new meaning as you contemplate hiring a Doula or, perhaps, this Doula. Listed below is what I include in the full package. Please discuss with me any questions you may have or how I may better tailor my services to meet your needs.

Prenatal (before birth): unlimited texts, facebook messages, or phonecalls personal visits up to once monthly personal visits up to once weekly around due date

Labour & Delivery: call when you are in labour, and allow up to 2 hours for my arrival I will be with you until atleast 2 hours after delivery

Postpartum (after birth): personal visits up to once daily for four days personal visits up to once weekly until lochia stops (2 to 6 weeks) unlimited texts, facebook messages, or phonecalls

The Prenatal (before birth) contact allows me to get to know you, your birth partner or anyone else who will be attending your birth, your birth plan and preferences. If you do not know what these are yet, I can give you lots of ideas. This will also give us a chance to "play" with some of the tools I work with so that they are no surprise and I can begin to discern your preferences with regard to comfort measures. If time and circumstances warrant, we may also visit your caregiver (doctor or midwife) together and tour the facility (home, hospital, or birthing centre), especially if this is important to you.

The Postpartum (after birth) contact allows me to assist with breastfeeding, should this be something you choose to take on, discuss moods and how they are affected by the huge hormonal shifts that will occur during this period, point you in the direction you wish for in terms of health and exercise, perform a ritual blessing with you if you so wish, and review the birth with you in whatever form you have chosen in your birth plan - whether that be photos, video, log, or story.

As a Doula, I cannot offer or perform any clinical assessment or examination, and it is illegal for me to attend an unassisted birth. I am highly allergic to cats and horses, so I will be unable to attend homebirths where those are present. If children/siblings will be present at a birth, I do require that a responsible adult be attentive to their needs (physical and emotional) at all times.

The total fee for these services is *____*. Payment can be made in cash or via e-transfer. A 50% deposit ($___) is required on or before our next meeting on ____________. Your final payment ($___) will be due on or before ___________.


1. Sign & Date the Contract here with me, check your email ____________________ within the next two days for your copy!

2. Schedule our next appointment, today if possible, for ________________________.

3. Please look at, like, & share the Facebook page Womb Now - Doula Services! www.facebook.com/wombnow

4. Join the Facebook group What if I'm Pregnant? and topic chat All Aboard! where you will be introduced to my back-up Doula. www.facebook.com.pregnantsupport

5. Any time you want to contact me, you can send me a Facebook message (expect response within a day), text or phone 780.990.4092 (expect response immediately).

Signature of Doula:____________________ Date________________________

Signature of Client:____________________ Date________________________


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