The following services are included at your home or the hospital:  
•24/7 on-call availability to provide childcare for your upcoming labor/birth
•up to 24 hours of childcare for your older child during the day or night.  
•A consultation before the big day so that everyone meets and is comfortable with each other. I want to be informed of the child's health issues, medications, etc. & emergency contact person (other than a parent) at this meeting.
•I will bring your child to meet their new sibling after you give birth in the hospital. I am happy to take photos of this special moment too.  
•If you prefer to have your child present in the labor room, I will explain what is happening during labor so that she or he is not frightened and can participate accordingly. If it becomes necessary to remove your child from the room, I will engage him or her in another activity so that you can concentrate on your birth knowing that your child's needs are taken care of.

Sibling Doula



    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada