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      I am no longer practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since my injury in 2013 which affected mostly my hands (2 fingers amputated from each hand plus half of each palm resulting in my inability to do deep tissue work). While I was an RMT, I studied other healing modalities which, today, I like to blend along with my understanding of the body to make a session suited just for you. Above are some of the options you may choose from, the Adapted Thai Yoga Massage being my favourite (I always say "adapted" for everything - as it is true, I did not originate from Thailand for Thai Massage or Japan for Reiki for that matter so it is only my training and understanding of that training I have to rely on), so you can choose your own blend or I can choose for you. Either way, it is the same price. Included in the Basic Doula Package. All monies collected from the Healing Arts Sessions go into the Doula Business - so you are helping those with more financial strain afford Doula Services - pat yourself on the back too and THANK YOU!


     Thai Massage is sometimes nicknamed "passsive yoga", "lazyman's yoga", or "applied yoga". It is sometimes seen as a midway point between massage and chiropractic because "cracks" come out with the big stretches at times (although the training is nowhere near as intensive as that for chiropractic). It is done on a mat on the floor, as are all of my Healing Arts sessions, in clothing that is comfortable to move in like yoga or work out clothes but not slippery clothes (like the shiny spandex)... even shorts and a tshirt are good. The practitioner uses more of her (my) body like elbows/arms/knees/legs/even feet sometimes! And you are sometimes laying down but sometimes even sitting!Thai Massage is based on the sen lines and the blood flow, uses breath work, and slow stretching as well as "walking" (by hand/arm/foot) up and down the body, with some massage techniques you may recognize if you've had a "regular" massage before.


     Reiki is sometimes nicknamed "hands-off healing", "hands-on healing", or "energy healing", among others. It is done with clothes on, usually a blanket to keep warm (unless you are already warm or it is being done as a part of another kind of session), and does not involve any kind of deep (as in physical) hands-on work as it is all in working with the energy centres of the person. These energy centres can radiate outwards from the body, so no touching even occurs unless the practitioner (I) have a hard time sensing the energy - usually because it is low in that energy centre or if I am using it in conjunction with another type of session I may begin with touching and then move off as I sense the energy and move into Adapted Reiki. Reiki is about channelling Chi to flow through me (not FROM me, but THROUGH me) into you to balance your energy centres and leave you with exactly what you need. People have come away from Reiki with all different experiences, but the common one is a feeling of peace, light-headedness, and calm.


     Acupressure is one I do try to stay away from at this point, because a lot of it can be hard on my hands but a little acupressure can go a long way! The Acupressure points are the same as Acupuncture points - which are very well known as they are very effective. The Chinese are very well known for their Medicine, this included. Sometimes I may ask you to pull up/down part of your clothing to access a specific point properly but most are accessible through light clothing and there's always a blanket nearby for covering. I also know Reflexology - which is hands and feet.


      Guided Visualization is sometimes nicknamed "meditation" but it is not the same as meditation. It is more like going on a journey in your mind, to the sound of my voice. The journey takes you to a calming place where you can receive some much needed self-healing. The self has the power to heal if we allow it, but sometimes we get so caught up in this hectic world that we just can't seem to get to that place of healing. Here, we take aside some time to let go of everything that doesn't matter in the moment - not to throw it away but to put it aside temporarily - and do what we need to do now.


     "Spa Treatments" covers a lot of different things from creating sacred space for a healing bath, to body scrubs, to gentle manicures and pedicures (I do diabetic & pregnant friendly mani's and pedi's with more emphasis on massage/getting swelling down than on "scraping and cutting"). As a licensed wax technician, waxing is also something I'd be able to help you with although I don't currently have the products as it is not my preference.

     Belly Casting is about putting cast materials on your pregnant belly (and sometimes breasts, if that is chosen) - yes, like putting a cast on a broken leg! But this cast comes off very easily, within the process, and then you have the option to go home and paint it or keep it as is - memorabilia! This same technique can be used on other body parts as well... for example, if you are going for an amputation and want to preserve the memory of your limb. 

     Belly Binding is also most often used in pregnancy, to support the weight of the belly when that is called for, and it also compresses the hips giving some much needed relief of hip and back pain in the later stages of pregnancy. We also use belly binding with a hot water bottle for relief from menstrual cramps and find it very effective for severe pain relief.

     Crystals have been a part of my life since I was wee little, along with some of the above Healing Arts, whether a crystal or a few are chosen for their colour, texture, shape, appearance ("like a wave" or "with that line down the centre". etc.), KNOWN PROPERTIES, the vibe they give off when holding them close enough to almost touch, or the way they feel good when held, there always seems to be a reason that a person is drawn to a certain crystal (or stone or seashell even) or that I feel drawn to a certain crystal (or stone or seashell even) for a particular person. There are a multitude of ways these can be used, the simplest of course being to hold in the receiving hand. Some of my favourites for Healing Arts sessions are including them in the water for a hand or foot treatment and applying them along the spine during the stomach-down position in Reiki.

     Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. I use only therapeutic grade essential oils, and I am extra careful about which ones are safe to use in pregnancy or around infants. Some oils can be applied directly to the skin, while some have to be "diluted" - for which I usually use pure coconut oil or pure shea butter. Some oils are wonderful to just smell. Repeatedly! This is the essence of aromatherapy itself! While others are even safe to swallow in very minute quantities (literally a drop). All of these oils and all of these uses do different things to heal the body and mind. Some are relaxing, some are cleansing, some are balancing, etc.. Some of my favourite uses are: a couple of drops of lavendar on a cool washcloth on a labouring mother's forehead or back-of-neck, a drop of frankincense with shea butter for an infant massage, smelling the bottle of frankincense(!), several drops of lemon where a dog has urinated in the house (after cleaning it up), japanese mint oil applied to the temples of a non-pregnant/non-breastfeeding person who has a headache, oh the list goes on!

     Divination is about being inspired by the divine about a person or oneself or a situation and it can be done in a lot of different ways but the two ways I currently use are SCRYING (think of the Psychic with the Crystal Ball... only I use WATER) and Tarot Card Readings. I read from a deck that is based on greek mythology which I learned about both when I was 9 years old and again when I was 15 years old so it is familiar to me, which helps. There is no special meaning to a card placed upside down in this deck, it is simply turned around again. I do the three-card spread (past, present, future posssibility) and a larger spread that I learned decades ago.


     Other: Having been a dancer for 15 years, don't be surprised if I send you home with some exercises you could try that seem similar to dance moves - they help! We have the IQMASSAGER now, which I can use on you every time you come if you like - $5 one time for the pads to them (they are reusable but each person gets their own set of pads)! Colouring pages specific to your concerns may be sent home with you! BREATHING EXERCISES! The thermo-shiatsu massager is here! I always offer tea! What else? Ask me about what it is you have in mind! 


All of this is included in the Doula Package. Otherwise it is $50/session. Check on the page "BUY NOW" as there may be a special offer!



Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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