"My hands are small I know, but they're not yours - they are my own..." "And we are never broken... in the end, only kindness matters..." - these are some of the lyrics from Jewel's song "Hands". Watch the video here > 

     I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister-i...


     In North America there are two models of care - Midwifery and Obstetrics. It could be argued that there is a third model - that of a family physician. But a family physician is either trained by a Certified Nurse-Midwife or an Obstetrician so their own model of c...

      AFFIRMATIONS can be used in pregnancy and birthing to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reduce pain, release any lingering negativity, overcome fears, speed up labour, move into a calm and relaxed state of mind, become more conscious, avoid complications, heal from...


      Many women tell me that they have lost interest in sex during their pregnancy. This saddens me because feeling sexy is so very helpful during pregnancy and even during birthing! There are legitimate reasons why women lose interest in sex during the first trimest...

  1. What is your company’s target market, if you have one, and why?

  2. From your perspective, what is the single most important factor, tool, or key that helps a family/individual have a positive experience in pregnancy, birthing, and parenting?

  3. Are there ANY...

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